Thursday, June 12, 2008


You know, as we "pick" on our husbands, I think that most people would see that it's obvious that we are just talking about some common ground in our struggles of weight loss. I think a lot of women live with men who are blessed by being male. It has been proven that it is easier for them to lose weight, and so in our struggles to lose ours the only people we can rely on to truly understand the difficulties of the human (female) body are other women. So, in answer to Odessas post about our husbands being "damned if they do and damned if they don't" I went to her lovely and uplifting blog and posted the following:

"I'm sure that you think that you're really intellectual with your clever wit in your title and in your sweet posts on others blogs, but on our blog we would appreciate if you wouldn't comment if you don't have somethign supportive to say to those that are struggling with various trials in their lives. We wish you the best as you try to discover yourself and figure out how to get the attention you crave by hurting others. If everyone you know is perfect and you can't say that they don't bother you sometimes then you should write a self-help book on that topic and get rich. You would be the first. None of us claim to be perfect but we at least are trying to help eachother out along the way. Have a great day!"

Can't we all just be supportive of eachother? Are any of us perfect? Do we whine every once in a while when we are feeling down and not very successful at our weight loss? Do we have that right? I think we know the answers to these questions. I just beg of anyone reading this blog that you try to come here in the spirit of uplifting one another. We will come here to complain every now and again, we will come here to vent, that is the point of having this blog. We want a place where women can come (and men if they would like) to discuss our weight loss journeys, trials and triumphs. It just so happens that we are female so if we have a problem with our spouse, it's going to be males getting talked about. I sure would welcome any man that wanted to come on here and vent that his wife wasn't being supportive because the point of venting is that you're usually doing it to let off emotions but also to seek advice and comfort. I would be glad to help a husband who has an unsupportive wife too, this isn't limited to women with husbands who are skinny little things. If my husband being able to eat like a horse makes me sad because I want to too "damns" him, then so be it. If my husband isn't supportive of me, then, unfortunately he's "damned" there too. BUT, I LOVE my husband and I come here to vent instead of nit-picking at him.

Lastly, I hope that we can all make constructive comments and criticisms towards one another instead of hateful and spiteful ones. We don't want to have to moderate comments, but if we get more rudeness like this then we will because those kind of feelings are not helpful to anyone.

These are all the opinions of ME.

Have a great day!


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