Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Something that Motivates Me

I think most of us keep track of our caloric intake one way or another - writing it down or some sort of spread sheet seem to be the most common ways. Well, something that helps me on the exercise front is to keep a workout log. I just thought I would mention it. While it can be unsatisfying to look over a food journal to see either how little we've "gotten" to eat, or how much we've eaten (perhaps too much), it is VERY satisfying to look over a workout journal and see how often and how you have worked out. I write down what I did and for how long, and what distance (if applicable). For example, I went to the gym and participated in my first session of Pilates ever. So, I had 20 min to work out before that and I decided to do the elliptical. Here's what my log looked like. I didn't get to go work out today, so I'm working out twice tomorrow. Anyway, here's the entry:

6/17 Elliptical 15 min 1.53 miles
Pilates 45 min

That's it! I write down what I did, and then how long I did it, and if there's a quantitative measurement of effort, I put it down (the distance ;) ).

Maybe this will help you too.


Kristen said...

Thanks, Marie, great idea! Did you like the Pilates class?

Marie said...

Well, to answer your question, I'm going again today! It wasn't difficult WHILE I was doing it, but the next day, I was sore in places I haven't been sore before ;) They only have it on Tues/Thurs though, at noon, so I can only go if Peter's home. Thank goodness he's able to meet me after the class and give me the kids and then head to his afternoon class. This week it worked out perfectly. Hopefully next week too! I already went for my little run this morning (2 miles) and I'm exctied for Pilates. Speaking of, gotta go to it now!

Rachel said...

Great idea!

Next week I'm going to try out both a Yoga and Pilates class. I've done yoga once years ago, but never Pilates. I'm looking forward to trying out something new.

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