Monday, June 16, 2008

Monday Review

Today, I'm babysitting for a friend who just had a baby. Her little girl keeps lifting up my shirt, rubbing my stomach and saying, "baby tummy". It's a good thing she's cute...
Anyway, week in review: I did really well with water-drinking. I have been using those Crystal Light mix-ins, and I love them. I don't care if they are made from dried up cancer flakes and arsenic, they are delicious. With the exercising, not as well. I am in a definite rut. So, suggestions for work outs outside of a gym?
New Goals:

  1. Eat more veggies for snacks. I've mostly been eating fruit and I think it's making me a bit sugar-tipsy.
  2. Get up early enough to take advantage of the cooler morning weather for longer walks. Maybe even work in a bit of jogging. Maybe.

How about you? Did you do well last week? What do you hope to do this week?


Marie said...

Well, last week picked up at the end of the week. I finally decided to do SOMETHING about my diet and exercise since I had been kind of unmotivated thus far.

I went on a run in the morning on Friday and then to the gym later that day too, so TWO workouts in one day!!! I worked out Saturday while the kids and hubby went to the pool (wouldn't be caught dead there so might as well go to the gym!!) and then didn't work out Sunday - never do. For today I have plans to go to the gym as soon as the hubby gets home (he comes home for a few hours and then goes back to work at 7:00 tonight) so I'm definitely on track there.

As for my diet, I've been drinking a Slim Fast for b-fast and then one for either lunch or dinner (depends on what is going on at dinner-time) and then I eat a meal for whichever meal I didn't drink a Slim Fast. I'm not noticing anything yet, but it's only been three days.

I did feel a little like my old self on the treadmill on Saturday though. I felt like I could just keep going and going, granted I was running a really slow 11 minute mile. The giggling as I ran though made the memories of my old self quickly disappear though :)

This week my goals are to not stop what I'm doing!!!

I would suggest some Tae-Bo videos 'cause I find them fun. Maybe it's just me, but they're sort of like kick-boxing but not quite that aggressive and the kids can even play along since they'll probably come check out what you're doing anyway. With Billy Blanks' stuff you don't have to have any accessories (weights, etc.). I think you CAN, but you don't have to. I bet the library would have them, or eBay.

Rachel said...

I'm so disappointed (and really I was) that I didn't get to do push ups today because they didn't do them in my class this morning. Maybe I should do them on my own, since I love them so much!

I haven't counted calories very well (especially I was depressed last week but am emotionally going up now, yeah!) but am determined to get back on track.

This week's goals:

1. Count Calories this week
2. Go to the boot camp class on Wednesday. This is a class that I haven't gone to yet as I've had resistance to it ever since I heard about it. But since I'm defying my resistance I'm going to do it! Plus Stephanie Daniel is teaching the 9:00 class so I don't have to go to the one at 5:30am.

I like your idea to go walking when it's cooler in the morning. I went for a walk yesterday around 5:00 and I was dying of heat when I got home. I need to eat more veggies too.

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