Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Great Reasons to NOT Stop Working Out

So, after slacking off and NOT working out for the six weeks I had my daughter (other than walking all the time and only two workouts) I came to realize there are SEVERAL really good reasons why one should NOT stop working out!

  • Getting back into the habit is killer.
    Getting up at 5:30 used to be a no brainer! I just did it, every Tuesday and Wednesday, went and worked out, and felt great. Now I've been fighting a battle that never used to exist- ugh!

  • You get to keep all that muscle you worked so hard to gain.
    When you stop working out you might gain weight (if you're eating more than you're burning) but you're also losing weight- muscle weight- which you DON'T want to lose, the more muscle weight the faster you burn off calories.

  • Your muscles will scream at you...
    ...for trying to do what you used to be able to do, but now CAN'T because you were a loser and stopped working out for FAR too long. It makes me feel like a wimp again.

  • Um... it's like necessary to work out if you're going to lose weight. (said in a sarcastic voice)
I'm sure there are other reasons but I can't think of them at the moment. So if you've got your own tell me in the comments, I'd love to hear them- anything to help me (all of us) stick to our work out goals!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Oh dear

So, I haven't posted here in awhile. I am managing to make it to the gym 3 times a week, most weeks. While I had a cold it was twice one week and once the next. As long as I am getting cardio in right now I am happy. Next week I am starting something I've done before to see if it snaps me out of my funk. When I was at Wells Fargo I lost 20 lbs in a month by cutting out my soda, drinking lots of water, and making sure I ate breakfast, lunch and dinner. I have the eating thing down... I don't ever forget to do that! ha ha ha. Anyway, for breakfast I try some variety. Maybe one day I will have a protein bar, the next day an egg, the next day maybe a bagel. I've found if I do have a bagel for breakfast, I actually stay full longer now. I think that's because my sugars are actually working correctly so I am not instantly going into a sugar overload.

For lunch, it's a Smart Ones or Lean Cuisine. I actually really like both of these frozen meals. They have a lot of variety, they taste fresh since they were frozen (not 100% fresh, but a heckofalot fresher than Nutrisystem) and for the most part satisfy me. Since there tends to be a lot of flavor in them, I am more content with a bland snack in the afternoon if needed. Since I have been eating salad more, that should also help fill me up. My main thing is going to be to remember my fresh fruits and veggies. I ALWAYS forget to pack them. If I don't remember to pack my lunch at night I don't have them. The other problem is... most of the fruit that I like is not in season. So I am on canned now since my favorite is pears. I have to look today to see if there are any fresh ones on sale right now. I haven't seen any in the stores here for a few weeks.

Dinner is pretty much chicken or fish and some sort of steamed veggie. I like broccoli, spinach, ummmm peas. Hmm. Not too many there. I will also sometimes pair it with edamame for extra protein, and I love how they taste. A small serving of rice or pasta rounds out the meal. If I cut carbs out completely I tend to go braindead.

On to good news, the small changes I have made, such as making sure I get my cardio in, drinking less Mt Dew ( I am down to 2 a day instead of 3 or 4 ha ha ha) have made a HUGE impact on my sugar levels. Like .5. And here's a secret... alot of the time I only take one of my pills a day, and for two weeks I completely forgot to take them. If I had remembered those two weeks I am betting that number would have been lower. For me it was very exciting to hear that. Plus my triglycerides and LDL went lower, not that they were too high before, but they were higher than normal because of the diabetes. I need to get my HDl up, but that should also increase with more weight loss and more "good" fats, like in avocados. mmmmm avocado.

Well, I better go. Sorry for the length. I figured maybe putting it down in writing might keep me on track better this time.

Monday Review: only 1 day late!

Sorry guys. Yesterday was a little crazy around here. The first day of kindergarten, canning peaches (I'm a glutton for punishment) and, oh yeah, we got our WiiFit! WooHoo! I'm so excited. Even the kids loved it.
In other news, I lost 2 pounds last week and I have no idea where they went. I did exercise sporadically (swimming with the kids, walking, nothing too hard core) but not 2 lbs worth. Maybe it's the change in humidity? Water weight? I just don't know! I'm not complaining, mind you, it just bugs me that I can't point to something and say, "Yep. That's what's helping. Gotta do more of that." You know?
How did your week go?
Goals for this week: 1/2 lb
actual exercise
drink more water

Friday, August 22, 2008

Running tips from my sadistic brother

I mentioned briefly that my posture and stance while running was apparently the complete opposite of what it should have been, and I thought I would clarify a little. When running, or even just standing, I tend to lean back into my heels. This is bad. Very bad. Don't do this. It puts a lot of weight, and therefore a lot of strain, on your lower back and pelvis. Not what you want. Instead, you should lean slightly forward, putting your weight on the balls of your feet and your toes. Doing this, you take advantage of gravity to push you forward while running. The other thing I was doing wrong? Ummm, well, apparently you shouldn't squeal and come to a complete stand-still just because you get sweat in your eyes. No matter that it feels like it's trying to sting your eyes right out of your face. Apparently, in that situation, you should just strap on a pair and stop being such a girl. Regardless of your actual gender...

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The Best of Intentions

Remember how I said I was going to use this summer to jump start my workout?  Well, I had every intention of doing so but got a new job so my 5 weeks off didn't really happen.

That said, I have been eating better but do know that I need to up my physical activity.  How is it that I weighed more this morning when I woke up than I did yesterday evening?  I just don't get it.

School starts next Wednesday and as long as we have a smooth opening, I can feel life getting back to normal-or as normal as my busy life is.

I'm sorry for the lack of posts, I've just been swamped lately.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Monday Review? Sweet!

Oh, hey, is it Monday already? Wow. Well, last week is mostly a blur of packing, teary goodbyes, and airports. I did work out a few times with the help of my WiiFit trainer. I'm thinking of naming her "Mandy". Sounds like a perky trainer name, right? I don't know if I mentioned it, but the WiiFit is pretty awesome:) And I'm totally counting my frantic dash through the airport after an abrupt gate change as "working out". As for eating, well, we've already discussed the whole stress eater thing. Ugh.
It's good to be home and I'm feeling pretty motivated right now. The day we got home I unpacked everything, did laundry, mopped floors, reorganized the kids' drawers according to category, and pulled out a pile of clothes from my own closet that I'm getting rid of post haste. Whew. Back-to-school always affects me this way; it just feels like a good time to sort, clean, and organize. Hopefully all of this "new beginning" fervor will spill over into my diet and exercise...My weight loss goal has become a little more concrete (thanks to the WiiFit:) heh heh) and I know that I need to lose at least 26 lbs to be at a more healthy BMI. My weekly goal is at least 1/2 lb loss. We'll see. I feel good about it, though.
How are you feeling as the summer winds down? Satisfied with your progress, or frustrated? Motivated or stagnant? What are your goals for fall?

Thursday, August 14, 2008

They should totally be paying me for this...

So, as I mentioned, my sister and her hubs got an elusive WiiFit this summer and we have been diligently working away at it ever since. If any of you have a Wii and were wondering if this would be worth the money, the answer is, "yes, completely worth every single penny!" So awesome. First you do a body test that measures your BMI, balance, weight, and body control and compares that with your actual age to give you an estimated "WiiAge". It helps you set goals, keep a calendar of progress, keeps track of time spent working out, and gives tips for healthy living. It even keeps track of how much non-Wii exercise you do, letting you log outside activities. And then you start training. You pick either a male or female trainer to give you guidance, tips, and support. They help you through yoga poses, strength training exercises, aerobic activities, balance games and more, grading your efforts and keeping tally of your total workout time. You unlock more exercises as you go along, creating more challenge. It really works up a sweat and makes you more aware of little things you can do to improve your overall health. I'm pretty thrilled about the whole much fun!

Totally unrelated postscript: Since I know a few of you are runners, check this out for a laugh. But be careful. No drinking or eating. Choking from laughter is a horrible way to die.

Calorie Counting Tip #6

I officially started counting calories again yesterday and have been surprised at how easy it's been. Of course, not having much money (as I recently moved out on my own) makes it easier as I actually don't have much food, at least not much of the really tempting stuff, to eat!

Anyway, a few weeks ago my cousin's wife gave me a great tip for knowing how many calories one should eat to be able to lose weight without starving oneself. Take your weight and add a zero to it. That's it! Some examples:

  • 140 lbs = 1400 calories
  • 155 lbs = 1550 calories
  • 170 lbs = 1700 calories
  • 215 lbs = 2150 calories
As you lose weight your body needs less calories, so this tip makes it easy to keep your calorie intake in proportion to your weight loss.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Hey, look: an actual post on Monday!

It's a miracle, I know! But where to begin with this review? Hmmm. Well, I have learned the true meaning of the phrase 'stress eater'. The week of my grandmother's funeral, I ate enough to sustain a small herd of elephants. Luckily, I discovered that an early morning jog or walk made me more conscious of what I was doing to my body all day. Unluckily, there wasn't a whole lot of time for early morning exercise, but I did manage once or twice. My brother flew in for the service and stayed an extra week. Consummate Army man that he is, he talked me into a run with him. I learned a lot about running: my stance was all wrong, feeling like you're going to puke is a good thing, walking is for sissies, ah, slowing down is for sissies, surprisingly, clutching your brother's hand as he drags you down the street at a steady pace is not for sissies (or so he said), oh yeah, and that I am so lucky I didn't follow my father and brother into the military. One PT and I would have been out...He also showed me how to do a 'correct' push up. Even though I thought I was going to die and I got sweat in my eyes (ewwwww), it was fun, and I felt really good for days after. Lets see, what else? After a million trips up and down my parents stairs everyday, I've decided I must move to a house with lots of stairs. It's an easy way to work out and I have a new appreciation for my behind:) It's looking pretty cute after all it's effort...Oh, and my sister got a WiiFit, which I stinkin' love and have already requested as an early birthday present. More about that later, probably. Yep, that pretty much sums it up. I have a few other things to share, but I think they will be posts of their own. One more week in Arkansas, home on Saturday, and then the next week Pippi starts kindergarten! How have you guys been faring?

Saturday, August 9, 2008

I'm sorry...

I want to apologize for being so absent. We just moved from Oklahoma to Delaware and then four days after getting here I had to (well, maybe "wanted to" is a better way of saying it) go to a Stampin' Up! Convention in Salt Lake City, Utah for 6 days. I had planned the trip months ago and thought it wouldn't be that big of a deal, but was wrong since our move had so many problems occur with it. We won't go into all that - it's stressful enough without me typing it out on here.

So, I'm finally getting to unpack, getting my oldest daughter ready for Kindergarten next week, and I just started Weight Watchers again this past Thursday. I'm crossing my fingers that with all the stress right now I can remember where I want to be, and realize what it's going to take to get there! So, wish me luck and I promise to try to be more active on here again. I have been reading all of the posts because I subscribe to this blog to make sure I don't miss any, but I haven't commented much. Know that I really appreciate each of the authors and that I truly do hope that we are helping someone out there even if he/she isn't saying much ;)

Take care and have a beautiful Sunday!!!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Positive vs Negative Self-Talk

I recently had an experience that has helped me realize the impact my self-talk has on the way I feel. For the past 5 weeks I've had my daughter with me so I've spent most of my time with her, including going to Disneyland and a family reunion, but during this time I've also been doing the following:

  • Eating a ton of junk and more food than I need
  • Stopped working out, although I've gone on a lot of walks
  • Thinking and saying negative things about myself
What happened, of course, is that I started to feel bad, both physically and emotionally.

Last Tuesday I was awake early in the morning and realized I needed to relieve some stress I was feeling, so I went jogging. Wow, did I feel good (and sore) afterwards! Because I felt good I started thinking positive things about myself, and as a result I started eating less food, which in turn made me feel better about myself, and so then I felt like exercising... etc. I realized it was a cycle! Which of course I knew but now it made more sense to me.

I've found that as I've consciously made an effort to change my negative thoughts about myself into positive ones, I truly have felt better. Over the past few weeks when I was thinking negative thoughts about myself I felt fat and thought I was fat, but then when I changed my attitude and started talking positive about myself I have felt beautiful and believed it.

I put together some simple charts to help illustrate this cycle of behavior:

Negative Cycle:

Positive Cycle:

Another way to view the Positive Cycle:
This has really helped me over the past week and I feel SO much better about myself by saying "I'm beautiful" when I look in the mirror instead of all the negative junk I was saying the weeks before. So when you look in a mirror, look into your eyes and tell yourself you're beautiful and believe it, because you are! As you continue to do this you will come to believe it, because it's true!

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