Saturday, June 7, 2008

Walkin' on Sunshine

The last 2 days have been perfect weather: sunny and breezy. Not too hot or too cold. And Bob has been home in time for me to take advantage of it, by myself. This hardly ever happens, so when the opportunity comes along, I run out the door. There is a little park with a walking path that I love. It backs a canal, is covered in old trees, and is a bit out of the way, so there's virtually no traffic noise. I'm not sure why I care so much about the auditory ambiance since I'm always wearing headphones, but it's nice, none-the-less. Anyway, as I was walking tonight, I was thinking about how important music is for me during any workout. Not just the genre or tempo, either. I have a very defined philosophy of the order songs should be arranged in order to sync up just right with the different emotional phases of exercising. Of course, I begin with really high tempo songs, anthemic in nature, because I am either really pumped or need to psych myself up for the endeavor. In the middle of my workout, I usually just want to quit. I'm feeling whiny and introspective at this point, so I need more emo music that makes me feel like someone out there understands my pain. I try not to get too slow, just intense. I also like a bit of profanity at this point.(Ok, fine, a lot of profanity. It just makes me feel better, ok?) Then, as I'm closing in on the finish and feeling really satisfied and mellow, I have lots of nostalgic, happy, but not too peppy, songs. I've tried working out with other people's mixes and it just doesn't work at all. So, I'm wondering, what about you guys? Music, no music, incredibly anal about your play list or couldn't care less?
Oh, and Annette, um, could I hear more about these No Pudge Brownies, please?


Kathy said...

I generally like to work out in silence but completely understand the benefits of music. When I did the Nike Women's Marathon, it was great that there were so many music stations. Right now, I'm trying to figure out a good mix to put on my ipod for my walks (soon to be jogs/runs).

Marie said...

I listen to hard rock and metal when I work out. It all has to be very "emotion" creating music for me to feel inspired/motivated during my workout. Sometimes it can be slow, but it has to really be something I can identify with, but it still has to be from a metal/hard rock band. I would have done well lifting in the "hard core" weight room at the Academy where they had really good music piped in to motivate them (the competitive weight-lifters). It was kind of in contrast to the pop-ish stuff in the regular weight room.

*~Annette~* said...

No Pudge should be easily fond at your grocery store (try Albertson's or the like). It's brownie mix in a pink box (or green for the MINT!). Look for the pig with the measuring tape around it's middle. YUM.

All you do is add lo-fat yogurt (or sour cream)... and it's done in less than half an hour. rich, moist, wonderful.

Trust me... my DH doesn't know that he's eating fat free brownies. The kids gobble them up.

AND you can make MORE than just brownies. There's a ton of recipes on the site. *swoon* AND Weight Watchers endorses them.

You'll love me forever and ever and ever and....

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