Thursday, June 26, 2008

Skinny Jeans

I think that every woman has that one piece of clothing that makes her feel amazing, if only she can fit into it. Television weight-loss commercials show woman after woman squealing with glee after squeezing back into her "skinny jeans". I don't have a pair of jeans or really any particular article of clothing, but for years, whenever I felt wretched and troll-ish, I would snuggle into one of my husband's dress shirts. Something about the way they fit made me feel small, delicate, and sexy. I'm sure I looked like a big frump, but I felt terrific. Until, one day after my second child was born, I fastened the buttons and saw the fabric stretching to reach. What a horrible day! So, for almost three years, I have avoided those shirts like they were the plague, not wanting to feel that way ever ever again. One day last week, though, I was feeling miserable and just needed a pick-me-up, so I pulled on one of Bob's shirts. And it fit! Well, not "fit" exactly, it was just big enough that I felt tiny and small enough that I still felt like a woman and not a little girl. Yay! That's progress that I can really embrace:)
So, what's your equivalent of the "skinny jeans"?


Rachel said...

That's so cool about your hubby's dress shirts, I'm so glad you felt good in them again- awesome!

Hm... for me I love skinny jeans, but last summer when I first realized I was losing weight I was garage sale shopping when I saw the CUTEST dress. It still had the tag on it and I thought, "Some day I'm going to fit into that" and so I bought it, for $4 I think.

Well, every few months or so I try it on and every time I'm getting closer to it fitting... but it's a lot smaller than I first realized so I don't know how much more I will have to lose so that the sleeves aren't too tight. I hate tight sleeves.

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