Monday, June 30, 2008

Monday Review: week 6 (or so)

So, yeah... it's Monday...How did we do? Well, on my end, I did ok with the exercising. I actually took the early morning walk with the kiddos in the jogging stroller and, when we stopped at the playground to give them a break, I even did some pull-ups (chin-ups? what are they called?) on the monkey bars. Yay. However...the eating. Oh, sweet Jesuits, the eating. I'm a little stressed out trying to get ready for our trip and when I'm stressed, I tend to make myself sick gorging on sweets. 'Cause nothing calms the nerves like a sugar coma, you know. The sheer volume of soda, candy, treats and popsicles I ate this week...ugh. I need to go lay down just thinking about it.

My new goals: Lay off the sugar!!! No, really, put the soda down and back away, slowly...

Keep up the good exercising vibes.


Rachel said...

I did well on my second goal, to walk to the airport and back, which I did. It was only 20 minutes and then Monday morning I walked there for my flight. It was nice as I got some good walking in before sitting for HOURS on Monday and Tuesday. Unfortunately it was raining and the hotel's pool was outdoors so I didn't get to go swimming which I'd planning on doing. It helps get the circulation back in my legs and is great exercise of course. Oh well.

As for my first goal, I couldn't remember what it was... I had to go back and look at what I'd written... which means I didn't keep it. So it's my goal again this week. Just 1 dessert this week.

As for a new goal: go for a hike with my daughter.

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