Monday, June 9, 2008

Before and After

I guess I really can't say after since it's now that I'm talking about. I figured I'd put my pics up to show you all the progression of how I got from thin to now and I'm hoping that I'll have pics to show you when I get significantly smaller.
Pic #1 is from May 1987. This is a pic I took at my Senior Prom. I weighed all of about 103 and that is party because it was 87 and big hair was in :-) I never felt I was thin at this time. I thought I was ok. I look at it now and it's scary how you can see my collarbones.

Pic #2 is from May 2001. My oldest was 2 and this is before I was pregnant with #2. I was about 128-130 at the time. I know this dress is a size 6 since it sits in my closet and mocks me right now. I was happy that I was a size 6 but thought I was fat.

Pic #3 is from October 2006. I ran/jogged the Nike Women's Marathon. While it's a huge accomplishment that I completed a marathon, I'm super slow and it took me 8 hours and 4 minutes. . .I'm super slow. . .and I'm fat!

Pic #4 is from May 2008. I'm roughly 166 give or take a few pounds depending on what day and what time of the day I weigh myself. I'm really not happy with how much I weigh. This is at my middle son's birthday and I'm proud of myself since I didn't have any birthday cake :-)

Slow and steady it will be. I didn't gain this weight over night and it's not going to vanish over night. I'll be off the whole month of July and the kids will be in camp (bad mommy, huh?). It's easier for them to do things with their friends and we still have to pay for dd's preschool anyway. Plus, her routine gets really messed up when she doesn't have to go and she's super whiny and clingy. Ds would turn into a huge couch potato and only want to play video games so forcing him to go to camp and stay busy is a good thing. So, I'll have lots of solo time which means I can focus on *me* and part of what I want to do is get back in the habit of working out regularly. My plan is to lose about 10 pounds between now and when school starts up again. Realistically, I know that I could probably lose more but I don't want to set the bar too high and fail and be discouraged.


Kristen said...

Camp! Yea! I think that it's a great idea to give yourself kind of a kid-free head start. It's easy to let your own goals slip when you're preoccupied with kid drama and confusion. Great idea!

Marie said...

Aren't collar bones crazy!!! I used to have them too....I also used to look like a giraffe becuase I have a long neck and it was exaggerated whenI was smaller. I wish we lived close - we would be perfect work-out/motivational buddies because we're basically the same size and have the same goals. BUT, that's what this website is for!!! And camp!!! I need camp!!! I don't think there's anything like that for kids around here...bummer!

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