Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Oh dear

So, I haven't posted here in awhile. I am managing to make it to the gym 3 times a week, most weeks. While I had a cold it was twice one week and once the next. As long as I am getting cardio in right now I am happy. Next week I am starting something I've done before to see if it snaps me out of my funk. When I was at Wells Fargo I lost 20 lbs in a month by cutting out my soda, drinking lots of water, and making sure I ate breakfast, lunch and dinner. I have the eating thing down... I don't ever forget to do that! ha ha ha. Anyway, for breakfast I try some variety. Maybe one day I will have a protein bar, the next day an egg, the next day maybe a bagel. I've found if I do have a bagel for breakfast, I actually stay full longer now. I think that's because my sugars are actually working correctly so I am not instantly going into a sugar overload.

For lunch, it's a Smart Ones or Lean Cuisine. I actually really like both of these frozen meals. They have a lot of variety, they taste fresh since they were frozen (not 100% fresh, but a heckofalot fresher than Nutrisystem) and for the most part satisfy me. Since there tends to be a lot of flavor in them, I am more content with a bland snack in the afternoon if needed. Since I have been eating salad more, that should also help fill me up. My main thing is going to be to remember my fresh fruits and veggies. I ALWAYS forget to pack them. If I don't remember to pack my lunch at night I don't have them. The other problem is... most of the fruit that I like is not in season. So I am on canned now since my favorite is pears. I have to look today to see if there are any fresh ones on sale right now. I haven't seen any in the stores here for a few weeks.

Dinner is pretty much chicken or fish and some sort of steamed veggie. I like broccoli, spinach, ummmm peas. Hmm. Not too many there. I will also sometimes pair it with edamame for extra protein, and I love how they taste. A small serving of rice or pasta rounds out the meal. If I cut carbs out completely I tend to go braindead.

On to good news, the small changes I have made, such as making sure I get my cardio in, drinking less Mt Dew ( I am down to 2 a day instead of 3 or 4 ha ha ha) have made a HUGE impact on my sugar levels. Like .5. And here's a secret... alot of the time I only take one of my pills a day, and for two weeks I completely forgot to take them. If I had remembered those two weeks I am betting that number would have been lower. For me it was very exciting to hear that. Plus my triglycerides and LDL went lower, not that they were too high before, but they were higher than normal because of the diabetes. I need to get my HDl up, but that should also increase with more weight loss and more "good" fats, like in avocados. mmmmm avocado.

Well, I better go. Sorry for the length. I figured maybe putting it down in writing might keep me on track better this time.


Kristen said...

Liz, you are so full of the awesome! Great job. Now excuse me while I run out to grab some avocados. MMMmmmmm....

Rachel said...

Cool, Liz! Yeah, I hear that cutting out soda makes a huge difference. I wouldn't know, though, as I don't drink soda, anything carbonated make my stomach really hurt.

Keep up the good work! I believe that making permanent life style changes like that is really the ticket to losing weight. If we do/don't do something for a few weeks or months and then go back to the way things were our bodies do too.

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