Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The Pilsbury Doughboy's got Nothing on Me

My 4 year old has given up naptime. It's horrible. I have been racking my brain trying to think of activities that are quiet enough not to wake up the sleeping 2 year old and that are fun enough to keep her entertained. For some crazy reason, we settled on making bread in the breadmaker. I'm sure that some of you already see the fatal flaw in my plan. In the last 3 days, I have eaten almost two and a half loaves of bread. It would be three, but the kids whine if I don't share. Apparently, I have no self-control. So, obviously, we need a new naptime plan. Any suggestions?
On a less humiliating note, I have managed to get in all of my walking so far this week. My friend got me a pedometer for Christmas and I love it! It counts steps, miles, aerobic steps, and kcals burned. As far as fitness equipment goes, it's pretty low-maintenance and portable:) And I can really see how small changes in my routine add up. What is your favorite fitness/nutrition product?


Cheryl said...

How about stamping? What a surprise that I said that, huh? Maybe Marie could teach you. I know she does sell SU and that is a great place to start--it is quiet and it is very addictive and you can't eat while you stamp!!! Today is a new day. I am going to try to NOT eat ice cream today. LOL.

Marie said...

I love all of the little snacks that they have that are in a packaged size that isn't full of calories. I like the Special K chocolate drizzle bars - to be found in the cereal isle by the breakfast bars - because they give me a fix on sugar, but are only 2 pts with Weight Watchers (never bothered to remember the calories since I started eating them while doing WW).

As for something else to do during naptime, I'm sure you work with Piper with reading and stuff, why not do that then? Have it be school time, that way a little one who is sort of in the way during school time would be asleep and you could focus on Piper and teaching her? That's what we used to do.

Or, you could read books to her then, and I don't mean picture books. My kids LOVE it when we read Beverly Cleary books to them at bedtime. They're just a TAD bit too old for them, but are interesting enough that they love to hear a chapter or two and then the story is more fulfilling for me to read too because it's actualy a "novel" instead of a 10-page picture book.

Rachel said...

What about beading? You can buy a beading kit for a pretty good price and start making necklaces and bracelets. She might really like something like that.

Marie, I love the packaged size low cal snacks too, and think most are really tasty.

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