Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Let's make this Official

I think that Marie definitely has a good idea with the goals, maybe we should take it one step farther: every week we could post 2 goals, one fitness and one nutrition and then post the results the next week. If two goals seems overwhelming, well, we don't need to try and change our whole lives in a week. Just make simple, manageable stepping-stone type goals. Maybe this will help take the focus off the pounds we have to lose (which tends to dishearten me and make me reach for the Oreos) and put it on little changes we can make that can have a big effect.
Also, I've set it up for most of you to be able to post, the invites are in your e-mail. If you haven't gotten one, it's because all of my snooping couldn't unearth you e-mail address but mine is in the side column, please e-mail me so we can get this going. I'm really excited that you are all here and I hope that we all feel that this is a comfortable place to talk, whine, and share.


Marie said...

Awesome idea!!! So, what are your goals?

My goals this week are to:

1) Make every attempt - honest attempts - to get to the gym each day from here on out and only take breaks on Sundays
2) Not buy any more sugar-based junk food for our house. I can't give up popcorn and pretzels and that kind of stuff yet!!!

Kristen said...

My Goals:
1) Walk a mile every day
2) Not to eat after 6 pm. I have a problem with insomnia which makes me want to snack at 11pm.

Rachel said...

My Goals:

1) Get rid of the left over candy I bought to fill the PiƱata!
2) Stop resisting doing push ups and other things I don't like (like squats and lunges) in my workout classes... and go for it.

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