Monday, May 26, 2008

My Story

I've never really been entirely comfortable with my body. As a child, I was awkward and clumsy, my limbs seeming to work against me at every turn. Then I entered puberty early and my body started to attract attention that I wasn't mature enough to understand. To make matters worse, I grew up in a family of very petite, thin women. And not. So, I've never been one of those people who feel comfortable in their own skin. My body image has always been a bit askew: as a teenager I felt heavy when I was, in retrospect, quite slender. Now, years and 2 kids later, I feel positively obese. And while I have lots of ambition to lose weight and get in shape, I have very little follow through. I do really well for a while and then something happens and throws up a roadblock. Anyway, I'm hoping that having a venue to discuss the struggles and frustration as well as the feeling of accomplishment that comes with getting healthy will help keep me motivated and focused. So, tell me, what helps you stay on track?


Marie said...

Isn't it kind of sad (awful really) that the bodies we were uncomfortable in growing up we would kill to have back?!?! I know I would and then I thought that I was not proportioned right. I wasn't big when I was younger, I just always wanted legs that didn't touch each other like all the other girls had. Then, through college and up to having kids I added about 15 lbs, and then after 3 kids, add another FOURTY FIVE!!! That's 60 lbs I've gained since I thought I was imperfect to start! Now that I'm older, I have to accept the fact that I'll never be that small again either - biology, age, hormones and all kinds of other things would just be fighting that ever happening....Anyway, I ditto what you said in your post.

Cheryl said...

You gals have hit me right on the head! I always thought I was fat and now I know that I was perfect. I have a problem with my legs, Milroys disease, (kinda like lymphedema) so even when I was small, I had huge legs so would never wear anything to show them off--no shorts or skirts or dresses. I am trying to make peace with my legs. I too have about 60 pounds I would love to lose but in reality if I could lose just 30, I would be happy. (maybe even 10 or even 5). I am really lacking motivation right now. I had back surgery 4 weeks ago today and haven't been able to exercise, so everything I am eating is going straight to the hips. I can't wait to feel better. Thanks for starting this blog. I hope we get lots of interest.

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