Saturday, May 24, 2008

Citizens of the Internet

Does your refrigerator mock you? Do you hear it's siren song enticing you to partake of it's delicious contents, breaking down your iron(ish) will power? Yeah, mine too. It's evil. So I created this blog. Come, be a part of the Refrigerator Resistance and fight the Cold Power. How does it work? Anyone who interested can e-mail me and ask for authorship rights or you can just participate through the comments, if you're not quite up for that kind of commitment. We can talk about our successes, utter failures, and stumbling blocks. We can whine about our kids and husbands and skinny friends who don't understand how hard we have it. Use your real name, or not. Post as often as you like. Really, it will be great. So, join me, friends, and let us put an end to the tyranny of the refrigerator.


Marie said...

Looks good, Kristen!! You can add me as an author - then my essays will be that instead of really long comments! Just kidding! Don't even get me started about skinny people though...not right now anyway!

Liz said...

Ok, add me too. I can tell you Three Musketeers has been calling my name like crazy!!!

Cheryl said...

Kristen, I have been your sister's blog fan since she started blogging and now I will be your fan. I have a very bad wt problem--lost my wt. on WW twice and now am headed back up again. I hate it. I would love to have authorship capablilites on your blog also as if I write on my own, some folks would read it that I would rather not. (family!). Thanks.

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