Sunday, May 25, 2008

I hate food!

Well, not really. In fact, not at all! That's my problem. Does anyone else have this problem? I wake up in the morning, look in the mirror, resolve to not eat garbage, do pretty well, then I eat some garbage and then I also realize that I can eat as much or more than my husband, who's over a foot taller than me!!! I can eat a lot and I'm NEVER full! I was wondering the other day if I could eat a whole carton (what are they, a half-gallon?) of ice cream, but I DIDN'T TRY - not for lack of contemplating it though!!! Anyway, I'm so tired of being fat - I even get to the gym at least every other day, which is good considering I often have to drag all three kids with me! BUT, I come home and am starving and so I EAT!!! I want to be a runner again. I want people to look at me and BELIEVE me when I say I used to run. I want to WIN races again, not have my goal be to finish them without walking! So, that's my ranting for the day. I don't really know what to do. I'm a VERY strong person, but I think I subconsciously don't WANT to be strong with "dieting" because it means I don't get to eat, which is so comforting, yummy, and fills needs that I evidently have that aren't being met.

On a side note, I'm sitting here listening to the hubby tell his brother that "did you know that ****** (his sister) decided that we're all going to give nice portraits to our parents this Christmas?" Well, I HATE pictures!!!! Another reason being fat stinks!

Okay, I'll be quite, but I'm loving the idea of having a place to vent, but more importantly, a place to hopefully get suggestions and ideas from others who don't have to just skip a meal to lose 10 pounds, or are already so anorexic that when they talk about being fat I think to myself that they would fit inside one of my legs!!!

Have a great weekend!!


Kristen said...

I have the exact same problem! I am always sooo hungry. I eat more than Bob at every meal and am still rooting around for food. It sickens me. Sigh

Marie said...

I should add that I have LOTS of skinny friends - I don't hate them or anything (that much, at least ;) just kidding!). I'm just jealous of what I was not blessed with - the metabolism of a mouse and the stomach of an gnat.

Cheryl said...

Kristen, I am NEVER full either. I don't understand how that can be. I wonder if we lack nerves to the belly or something like that. I think they should research folks like us who say they are never full. Oprah would say that we are lacking something in our lives and are trying to fill it up with food. I don't think I believe that. I love what I eat and I do think I could eat an entire half gallon of ice cream.

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