Monday, May 26, 2008

Goals, Anyone?

I definitely don't want to hijack this blog or anything. Kristen asked me what I thought of her idea for a forum where we could discuss the successes and pitfalls along our weight-loss journeys. So, that was the bit of motivation I needed to refocus on my own journey.

I know from having done Weight Watchers multiple times (and it does work, I just can't squeeze the silly meetings and tedious point tracking into my life) that it's really important to set some goals for weight loss. Whoever's out there - I know at least Kristen is - how about we set some goals? With Weight Watchers they have you first set a goal of 10% weight loss. I agree with that as a good -multiple week/possibly month goal. BUT, I want a shorter term one. One that I can go out and buy myself a treat like a new book, or a pair of flip flops, or something inedible that will make me happy, for reaching. Does this sound like a good idea? I know that I do best when I have a purpose. Losing weight is a good purpose, but it's so general and scary to think of HOW MUCH I have to lose.

Besides a weight-loss goal, what about we agree to work out x-number of days a week and see how well we can follow through with that? I know life, kids, jobs, husbands, and all kinds of other things make it hard to get out for a walk/run or much less to the gym, but let's commit to something!!!

Also, any ideas for the actual "eating" part of the weight loss? I don't really want to count points....

Thoughts ladies and gents?


Jackie said...

This blog sounds like an excellent idea! I need to ultimately lose about 45 pounds, but I'll start with a goal of 10 for now. And how will I know since I don't own a scale (and don't want to!)? Well, I have several pairs of pants that fit fine 10 pounds ago so when I can get comfortably into those again, it'll all be good.

I don't really have anywhere I can exercise/walk at the moment (we live on a really busy 55mph road) and a gym membership is not in my future, but I do have some hand weights and a living room floor I can do some exercises on - how about that for a start? I am so tired of being overweight and uncomfortable in my skin, and clothes!, that it's time to do something.

I thought about Weight Watchers, too, but I am not the meeting type and not quite ready to completely give up sugar and flavored cream in my coffee, let alone eat fat-free anything! So, I'd love to hear opinions on the eating plan, for sure.

Thanks for starting this blog and I look forward to hearing from others in the same boat.

Cheryl said...

My problem right this minute is utter lack of motivation. I don't know what is wrong with me. I know I am not happy with the way I look or feel, but I just can't get with the "program." I have done WW several times and it does work, but I don't even want to do that. I am thinking of going to TOPS. It is much cheaper. Right now WW is out of my price range because of gas prices, I don't go to the Y any longer either. So, not sure what I will do and not sure of goals right now either. Guess that is why I am here--ideas. I was thinking of cutting down all that I eat by half--half portions of all the same foods. I am sick of fat free and sugar free stuff. It doesn't even taste good and I am not sure it is even good for you.
Hope we get more input.

Kristen said...

Ok, I can't tell you how excited I got when I saw Multiple comments! I agree, goals are a great thing to do, Marie. Mine for this week is going to be to walk at least a mile in the course of every day. Which is kind of a weak goal, but I gotta start somewhere!:)

Kristen said...

Cheryl, I can't find your e-mail to invite you to be an author. I put mine in the side column, if you would jsut e-mail me, then we could get you all set up:)

Kerry Davis said...

I just found this blog and LOVE it! I can totally relate to every single entry I've read so far... I actually joined a gym in February, but hardly ever go. I want to, but it's really tough to squeeze it into my routine. I've got 4 kids 5 and under and the gym has daycare, but it's an effort to gather them up and take them there! My youngest are twins that are almost 18 months.

I did pretty good right after they were born and was even wearing some of my looser old clothes (if that makes sense) a few months after they were born. But now, a year later, I am flabbier than ever!! I just got lazy about it and keep putting off "starting" for one reason or another. I thought that by starting the gym, I'd be able to still pretty much eat the same (since I wasn't gaining) but be able to tone up, etc. That just hasn't happened. So... I'd be happy with making getting to the gym twice a week a goal!
Good luck gals! ;-)

karen said...

OK - I dont know that I am ready to join the blog, and have a feeling that Liz would laugh at me if I did (sisters). I do have a comment that may help some of you as far as the "eating" dilemna. I have had several friends who found that just eating smaller portions (like Cheryl mentioned)can be a big help. It isn't always easy to remember to make the portion smaller, but if you can commit to it, more often than not you will see results. Another thing that helped one of my friends was to make sure she had 1 or 2 small, healthy snacks in between meals (carrot sticks or granola). When it came to meal time, as long as she was not starving it was easier to stick with the smaller portions. I'm not so happy with my weight - but am also unmotivated at the moment. If this helps someone else be motivated though, that's great!

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