Friday, May 30, 2008

Because What's a Little Public Humiliation Amongst Friends?

I was gathering pictures to do this little project and I realized that about 75% of pictures taken of me are variations of this:

Not entirely helpful. But I managed to scrape together a few, mostly of formal events where I had to submit to having my likeness captured on film...
This is my senior prom. I will never forgive my husband for losing one of his contacts the day before and thus ruining all of our pictures with those glasses.

And on our wedding day:
I can remember feeling like a huge fatty fat fat on both of these days. Now, of course, I am much less delusional...

And, finally, after 9 years and 2 kids:

I realize that this is not a great picture for illustrating body changes, but I'm always the one behind the camera. Anyway, this is me, double chins, grapefruits, and all. I don't expect to look like high school Kristen again, but I would like to feel strong and comfortable in my own skin.


Marie said...

I think it's pretty amazing to see people before you knew them. Especially for people like you and me who met eachother post-a-few-pounds. I fell sorry for Peter, he wasn't like Bob - who knew you in highschool. He only knew me when I had already gained about 10-15 lbs. Which, of course like you said in your post, I stupidly thought of as being such a horrible weight.

I thought the grapefruit stacking was really funny when you posted it on your blog, by the way. I had forgotten about it :)

Thanks for sharing your changes too.

So, how are we all doing on our goals? Should we "return and report" each week? I guess it hasn't been a full week yet though....

Rachel said...

It's amazing how our perspective changes when we get older and realize what we were really like in the past. We were SO hard on ourselves back then... but maybe we're STILL hard on ourselves now. We should give ourselves a break and realize that we're wonderful people, even if we don't like everything about ourselves. We rarely would treat others like we do ourselves.

I think you're wonderful, Kristen!

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