Monday, July 7, 2008

Monday Review: week 7-ish

I finally made it to my parent's house and am now in baby-waiting mode. The other great thing about being here (besides the baby thing) is that I do a lot better exercising and staying active here. There is no shortage of free babysitting and willing work-out partners and people waiting to tell me how great I look, and it's awesome! So, I'm looking forward to this week and trying to forget last week. Can we just leave it at that? Please?
New goals for this week: bike rides! follow diet! Yay!

How about you guys? Good, bad, mediocre?


Liz said...

Didn't eat AS much, and worked out 4 times. YAY!

Rachel said...

Hey, glad you made it there safely. That's so awesome to have some help with kids, working out, and feeling great about yourself.

I've not been doing well since I've had my daughter. But I'm not worrying about it... well not too much. I'm just trying to maintain my weight and not GAIN back what I've worked so hard to lose.

We've gone walking: twice at the trails by camel's back park, twice with my new walking partner, Rosy (I've gone a few times with her before getting Corissa), and twice with my mom. We went swimming today too.

I'm eating too much junk though. *sigh*

Rachel said...

That's great Liz, keep it up!

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