Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Monday Review has a bad week

Why? Well, we got our jumbo bag of Halloween candy from CostCo early.

This is but a meager sampling of my shameful pile of candy wrappings.

Hope you are faring better in this treat-laden season...


Rachel said...

Yeah, the holidays are tough on those of us who have chocolate as our kryptonite!

For me I've actually lost a few pounds over the last 2-3 weeks. Here's my trick:
-move out on your own
-have no money for food
-go out on lots of dates so you at least don't starve (a girl's gotta eat right?)
-have one of your guy friends teach you racquetball
-presto, you lose weight!

It's that simple! LOL

If any of you haven't talked with me recently (which most peoples haven't as my schedule has suddenly been monopolized by a bunch of guys) but I've been having SO MUCH FUN!

Casey Hansen said...

Hi Liz its me Casey Hansen and i have a blog that you can read at . i love to see you soon ! I am her with Tatiana and John FYI mom and dad. So if you read my blog you will know whats going on. Bye! I hope i see you soon.

Simple Irony said...

Um yeah, late night muchies and bags of the kids trick-or-treating loot just laying around, my candy wrapper pile looks about 10 times bigger than that as well, LOL

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